Commentary: Who was missing from the “State of the CSU”?

Last week, CSU Chancellor Timothy White gave his “State of the CSU” address at the January meeting of the CSU Trustees.

The president of the CFA chapter at San Jose State, Preston Rudy, was asked by the student newspaper to comment on it and Rudy took the opportunity to explain something that CSU faculty members find so frustrating.

Rudy wrote, “I commend the Chancellor for highlighting the central importance of students to the life of the University.

“However, Chancellor White did not address faculty who have been systematically underpaid over the last 10 years, while at the same time administrators’ salaries have elevated them into the top 10 percent of the income distribution of our state.  

“We are looking for Chancellor White to correct this distortion of the CSU’s priorities and allocation of funds, so that the hard work of students’ learning can be matched by a faculty whose hard work is rewarded, respected, and treated with dignity.”