Contract News: Negotiations to begin in September

It’s already that time again.

Just as faculty enjoyed a 3.5% salary increase on July 1, your CFA Bargaining Team began meeting to discuss contract negotiations with CSU management.

Bargaining for the full successor faculty contract is set to begin in September, with negotiations over salary, faculty hiring and appointments, workload, and quality of life issues as key focal areas.

“The Bargaining Team has put together a solid set of proposals based upon input from faculty across the system,” said Kevin Wehr, Chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team. “We will bring these contractual enhancements and quality of life improvements to the table, and will make the case to management representatives as to why these changes are necessary. But the power in bargaining comes from the actions of members on campus—we need the support of faculty as negotiations move forward this Fall.”

CFA Bargaining Team members highlighted our union’s position during the CSU Board of Trustees meeting in July, when both sides were required to ‘sunshine’ areas they intend to negotiate.

CFA’s sunshine proposals were informed by meetings with members on all 23 campuses and a thorough bargaining survey conducted last academic year. Salaries and range movement remain a prime focus, but the union also will address the appointment process for all faculty, as well as issues related to tenure density, academic freedom, racism, gender-based discrimination, and other areas of social justice.

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