Counselor Faculty and Coaches Handbooks now on the web

Up-to-date handbooks from CFA for counselor and coach faculty members are now on the CFA web site.

The CFA Counselor Faculty Handbook and the CFA Coaches’ Handbook each explain how the collective bargaining agreement applies to counselors and coaches, respectively, including discussions of your rights and responsibilities.

“It is my hope that this handbook is useful, giving you important information and resources regarding your rights as counselor faculty in the CSU,” writes Mary Cavagnaro, Counselors Representative on the CFA Board of Directors, in the introduction to the Counselor Faculty Handbook.

Don Parnell, head baseball coach at San Bernardino and chair of the CFA Coaches’ Caucus said, “The CFA Coaches’ Handbook is a valuable resource for CSU coaches. It provides a thorough review of your appointment rights and benefits as a coach in the California State University system, plus it gives specific information on how to exercise those rights.”

Both handbooks can be downloaded as PDFs.