Court order restarts DACA renewals—see links for help

On January 9, a federal judge temporarily halted Trump’s termination of DACA, the program to protect young people brought to the U.S. as children, including thousands of CSU students. The Los Angeles Times reports immigrant rights activists urge DACA beneficiaries to seek renewals quickly.

The temporary action is to allow lawsuits against Trump’s order, including one by the state of California, to play out. Trump’s Justice Dept. asked yesterday for an immediate Supreme Court review and is appealing the judge’s order.

Nevertheless, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced it will accept renewal applications for DACA waivers and work authorizations from immigrants who had the status when the Trump administration issued its order on September 5.

The California State University administration has created a web page of resources specifically about the judge’s order, and posted a statement saying, “CSU is included in the California Attorney General’s lawsuit challenging the termination of DACA, and provided evidence to support the preliminary injunction by demonstrating the harm caused to the university community as a result of the rescission of the DACA program. CSU will continue to support the state’s legal challenge and will continue to strive for a permanent and immediate legislative solution.”

Meanwhile, “AB 21: Access to Higher Education for Every Student,” regarding immigration enforcement on higher education campuses, became state law on January 1 this year. The law was developed by CFA and Assemblymember Ash Kalra to specify measures the CSU and Community College administration will take to defend and help the undocumented on CSU campuses, and urges the UC administration to do the same.

“Full implementation of AB 21 on our campuses is urgent right now,” said Lillian Taiz, Chair of CFA’s Political Action & Legislation Committee. “CFA campus chapters stand ready to assist the CSU to make sure our Undocu-Scholars and colleagues are helped in every way possible.”

Finally, CFA joins our affiliate organizations including the NEA in calling on Congress to pass a Clean Dream Act. NEA explains: “The Dream Act is the most inclusive solution for DACA recipients and others brought to the United States as children; it provides multiple pathways to citizenship via higher education, military service, or employment.” Click here to learn how you can take action.