COVID-19: A Message to Our CFA Members

We are living in unsettling times as our lives shift daily and sometimes hourly with the evolving public health guidelines in response to COVID-19. We, like all of you, are extremely concerned about the health and safety of our state and of our CSU community. 

Our campuses have temporarily suspended in-person classes and all are moving to virtual and alternative modalities of teaching.

Some of our communities and counties have shelter-in-place ordinances ordered by county officials – and more restrictions could be coming across the state in the days ahead.

By now, many of you read our messages from last week and earlier this week. These messages will continue more frequently over the next few weeks to provide important updated messages aimed at alleviating some anxiety over the spread of the coronavirus.

CFA assembled a website that will house all of our COVID-19 resources and responses to the growing pandemic.

CFA has asked for a commitment from the CSU Chancellor’s Office that all faculty will be allowed to work remotely.  As of Wednesday morning, CSU campuses have asked most employees to work remotely and stay off campus.

CFA continues to press the CSU for more clarity on campus procedures to safeguard employee and student safety, rights and protections.  At this time, we are asking for the following: 1) the right to work remotely; 2) the right to not face professional setbacks in evaluations and future assignments; 3) the right to a safe and clean campus; 4) the continued right to our intellectual property; 5) the right to resume normal practices when the coronavirus pandemic is over.

We continue to track the actions taken by the 23 CSU campuses and their administrators. We are carefully monitoring the impacts these will cause each campus.

At this time, the CFA Board of Directors has recommended cancelling the Assembly and is considering cancelling other face-to-face meetings. CFA is making adjustments to ensure all CFA staff have safe working conditions as public health guidelines continue to change daily. CFA is still fully operational but has closed headquarters in Sacramento due an order by Sacramento County to shelter-in-place.

Thank you for all that you do. We appreciate your patience and solidarity as we work together as a Union to protect the rights and safety of faculty, students and our CSU community during these difficult times.

We wrote this in our email to you earlier this week, but it needs to be said again: please continue to take some time for yourself during these unusually stressful days. 

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