CSU Academic Senate chides administrators for trying to silence strike talk

Amid a sea of red “I Am Ready to Strike” signs, members of the Academic Senate of the CSU last week passed a resolution admonishing CSU management for administrators’ forbidding faculty from discussing the strike in class.

The Senate passed a resolution expressing “consternation over recent communications from some CSU presidents and administrators forbidding faculty to discuss the potential strike action planned by the California Faculty Association (CFA) in their classrooms…”

The resolution was approved without dissent.

“The Academic Senate shares CFA’s concern about the chilling effect statements such as those sent out by presidents at some of the campuses have on academic freedom and effective instruction,” said Steven Filling, Chair of the Academic Senate and a Professor at CSU Stanislaus. “We believe those communications unnecessarily enflame an already tense situation.”

The Academic Senate also passed a resolution reaffirming the principle of shared governance within the CSU, stating that “…when faculty leaders from CSU campuses have called upon the Chancellor to intervene when serious violations of shared governance on their respective campuses have been documented, the Chancellor’s responses at times reference ‘shared leadership’ yet fail to offer solutions that are responsive to the requests…”