CSU Announces New Temp Paid Leave Policy for Those Dealing With COVID-19

3/30 UPDATE: After CFA’s advocacy, the CSU expanded the leave to include non-benefits eligible faculty. The COVID-19 paid administrative leave was granted March 23 and lasts through the end of the calendar year, allocating up to 128 hours of paid leave time. Click here to see the updated guidance in full.


The CSU Chancellor’s Office announced a new temporary paid administrative leave benefit that started Monday and runs through the end of the calendar year.

This administrative leave option provides immediate benefits for many Unit 3 members:

  • The CSU temporary paid leave plan allows up to 128 hours of additional time off for a) all benefits-eligible employees, b) academic student employees, and c) non-represented student assistants.
  • The hours can be used at any time – either before or after any accrued leave or other paid leave is used – but the policy requires the hours be used for COVID-19-related reasons. You can see a full explanation here.

CFA is reviewing the memo and is in communication with CSU Labor Relations staff to better understand the policy’s impact on all of our members. We will update members when new details arise.

During these trying times, it’s important to reach out to our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and anyone else who might need a caring and helping hand.  It could be a neighbor who needs someone to pick up their prescriptions, or a coworker recovering from surgery in need of a hot meal.  These simple tasks can be done while maintaining social distances (six feet in between people) and consistently washing hands.  Members can use the “Hello Neighbor!” graphic to reach out to others who might need a friendly check-in. We’re in this together.

A reminder to regularly check CFA’s website for COVID-19 updates on the latest information concerning higher education, CSU faculty, and issues relating to our union’s activities around the pandemic.