CSU Bakersfield Remedial Math Needs Remediation

Meantime, at the campus level, CSU Bakersfield is at the forefront of campus experimentation to implement the executive order.

Last year the Dean of Natural Sciences at CSU Bakersfield took control of the remedial math program to conduct a money-saving all-online experiment, over the objections of math professors.

The pass rate in remedial math at Bakersfield plummeted from 75% in Fall Quarter 2008 to 40% in Fall Quarter 2009.

Of about 1000 incoming freshmen last year, about 700 needed remedial math. For all of school year 2009/10, only about 350 of the 700 completed the all-online program, for which they paid full university tuition and fees.

If the previous program had been in place, about 10-15%, fewer than 100, would be expected to fail to complete their Math remediation by the end of Spring Quarter.

Adding salt to the wound, with the increased loss of students, the dean declared a “lack of work” and fired four of nine full-time faculty lecturers in the math department.

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