CSU campuses & the Nation

Cal State LA campus walkout/protest: An all-campus walkout at Cal State Los Angeles to protest anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim policies emanating from Washington DC drew a crowd of faculty and students including CFA members on campus Tuesday afternoon. People marched scross campus, and many people took to an open mic speaking out against a anti-immigrant policies and what can be done about them. (Photo by Beth Baker)

Petition supports Cal Poly SLO Muslim Student club against unequal treatment: The SLO campus administration chose to carry the cost of a huge security operation last week when right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, who is racking up ticket and book sales on the campus speaking circuit, appeared in SLO, hosted by the campus Republican Club. The Muslim Student Association has since pointed out that it was required to pay nearly $5000 for security costs at a conference it hosted last year.