CSU Employees Union backs faculty in the possible strike

The union representing thousands of staff employees on CSU campuses and at the Chancellor’s Office adopted a resolution last week backing CFA and the plans for a possible strike of CSU faculty.

In the strongly worded resolution, the CSU Employees Unions resolved:

…that CSUEU hereby supports CFA in its plans for a systemwide strike on April 13-15 and 18-19. We support CFA as it presses hard to ensure the professional working conditions and reasonable learning conditions that are essential for quality education.

And be it further resolved that, although CSUEU-represented employees cannot engage in a sympathy strike, we share a collective bond with CFA because we are both CSU unions and we must both bargain with the same employer, share the same worksite, and serve the same students. The combined membership of our two unions equals a critical mass of CSU employees.

Therefore, be it finally resolved that we stand together to protect the bargaining process and to support our sisters and brothers in CFA.

Thank you to CSUEU for your solidarity in the “Fight for Five” with the faculty in the CSU.

See more resolutions of support for CSU faculty, including one from another CSU union — Academic Professionals of California.  Plus, strike sanctions from Labor Councils all over the state and much more.