CSU English Council passes statement on mandatory Early Start

At the CSU English Council’s meeting this past week in San Diego, the Council wrote and approved by acclamation the following statement:

The CSU English Council has passed two position statements opposing the mandatory Early Start program, the last of which resolved that English Council would not participate in the implementation of a policy it considers deeply flawed, misguided, and discriminatory. At our fall 2010 meeting in San Diego we agreed to send a representative to the Early Start implementation committee with the rationale that if we were completely out of the loop the resulting policy might be even worse for students, the CSU system, and the people of California. No one should interpret or represent our participation in such meetings as an endorsement of mandatory Early Start. English Council would like to reiterate that we believe mandatory Early Start to be bad public policy and that nothing we have seen in the implementation of this program has changed our opinion. We continue to oppose the policy and object to any use of our name to promote it.