CSU faculty to get a pay raise

CFA/CSU Bargaining

In a Special Edition of CFA Headlines yesterday, CFA President Lillian Taiz and Bargaining Team chair Andy Merrifield released an announcement that the “reopener” bargaining over salary in the last year of the current faculty contract has been settled and approved unanimously by CFA’s Board of Directors.

CFA estimates that the raise will be approximately $960 per year paid out monthly and added to base salary. It will apply to all full-time faculty (tenure-track and lecturers) and pro rata on time-base for faculty who teach part-time.

According to the statement, “CFA sees these modest increases along with the payment of Equity Year Two as just a small down payment on long overdue pay raises for our faculty. Now, with reopeners behind us we must turn our attention to preparing for our next contract.”

The CFA Bargaining Team is preparing an FAQ about the settlement and the pay increases. Watch for it on the CFA web site later this week. Immediate questions can be sent to bargainingideas@calfac.org  with the subject line “Reopener Bargaining.”