CSU Faculty! We can advance public higher education in the Nov. 6 election

Do you find election-time engaging? Has our country’s political climate made you decide now is the time to do something? Then, CFA has opportunities for you to take political action.

Campus CFA Chapters are kicking off the electoral action this week to advocate for public higher education.

If you agree it is time to act for our public university, our students, our profession, and our commitment to racial and social justice, contact your campus CFA Chapter to volunteer over the next nine weeks to communicate with voters.

“We have been lobbying members of the California State Legislature for many years to get the funding and laws that make our public university system work,” says Lillian Taiz, CFA Political Action and Legislation Chair.

“It’s very clear that we need to continue electing representatives who fully appreciate the critical role the California State University and all segments of public education play in the future of all our students, be they students of color, white or native. That understanding in our state’s leaders is key to ensure California’s success now and in the future,” Taiz says.

See CFA-endorsed candidates for statewide office and the Legislature

PHOTO Top: At CSU Channel Islands on Tuesday, the CFA Chapter set up a table outside Broome Library where students registered to vote and faculty committed to a few hours turning out voters in the Camarillo area for the November 6 election. Left to right: Students registering to vote with CFA President John Griffin, and faculty members Lorna Profant, and Nancy Deans. Lower: Faculty member Nelson Coates registered students to vote at the California Maritime Academy. Click here to see a photo gallery of electoral action on CSU campuses.