CSU management says faculty pay raises coming soon

FEB 18, 2015—Some campuses report that faculty may finally see the negotiated General Salary Increase (GSI) beginning this month.

CFA leaders from several campuses have received notification that the GSI (retroactive to July 1, 2014) will be distributed on their campuses starting today, with a check covering the retroactive portion of the GSI issued in a separate check later this month.

“While we are pleased to see money finally making it into the hands of faculty, the fact is that it has taken way too long.  I would have liked to see these raises implemented on January 1,” said Kevin Wehr, President of CFA’s Capitol Chapter and Vice Chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team. 

The four different salary increases, as well as implementation of two instances of retroactive pay, will come in stages, CSU management informed CFA.

Click here to view the CSU administration’s timeline for distribution of negotiated raises.