CSU Online takes system further towards “for profit” model

CSU Online Program

The CSU executive brain child “CSU Online” is in its growth stage. Apparently, it will be an entirely new entity organized as a CSU auxiliary organization, not a part of the existing campuses, although the administration has required each campus to put up $50 thousand toward its development.

In the job description for CSU Online’s first executive director a master’s degree is preferred, and experience with for-profit schools is good.

On Sunday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that CSU Online is being developed by “consultants hired by the CSU” including the firm Katz & Associates and a “marketing effort” will begin in February 2012.

In the book “Management Fads in Higher Education” Robert Birnbaum suggests that universities embrace corporate management ideas at the exact moment that the ideas are going out of fashion in the business world. So, it may be no surprise that just as for-profit online colleges are crashing under scrutiny, the Chronicle reports that the CSU Online promoters want this appendage to California’s public university system—a system with a mission to serve all Californians—to “eventually make money, according to draft documents for CSU Online.”

Faculty and staff around the state are speaking out about CSU Online. Learn more at the: