CSU Trustees meeting to focus on state budget & “enrollment bottlenecks”

The CSU Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach this week is taking up issues important to the future direction of the university.

Notable items on the agenda include: An update on the governor’s proposed budget for the CSU following the release of the May Revise last week, decisions related to executive personnel, and a discussion of the so-called enrollment “bottlenecks.”

Last week, the governor retained his proposal from the January budget that $10 million of the $125.1 million augmentation for the CSU be directed to expanding online education offerings. These would be aimed at “bottleneck” courses.

Faculty offered other solutions to move students towards graduation more quickly.

“Like the governor and Trustees, we are concerned about students having access to the courses they need to graduate on time. Class shortages that interfere with graduation are caused by the devastating cuts made to public higher education since 2002. The fastest, most efficient solution to resolve these bottlenecks is to restore adequate state funding,” said CFA President Taiz.