CSU Trustees to vote on ratification of Tentative Agreement

The CSU Board of Trustees will vote on ratification of the Tentative Agreement between CFA and CSU management at their meeting next week, May 24-25, at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach.

A vote of the Trustees’ Collective Bargaining Committee is scheduled Tuesday morning at 10 am followed the next day by a vote in the plenary session of the entire Board of Trustees.

CFA members already have ratified the agreement.

The Trustees’ ratification will end a long, difficult process that began in 2014 when the sides agreed on the current contract except for salary in the out years.

CFA waged a campaign dubbed the “Fight for Five” in which faculty on the 23 CSU campuses rallied, protested, saw and wore red, and prepared for a CSU system-wide five-day strike. The Tentative Agreement came just a week before the strike was to begin.