CTA supports more funding for the CSU in 2016-17 state budget

At a State Council meeting of the California Teachers Association on Sunday (June 5), Stanislaus CFA Chapter President Steven Filling rose to ask the hundreds of CTA delegates to pitch in to the effort to increase CSU funding in the 2016-17 State Budget, which is nearing a final vote in Sacramento.

Filling said to the room of mostly K-12 teachers:

The CSU is mandated to accept the top third of California’s high school graduates – that is, a third of your students. …If they are to succeed, if we are to meet our commitment to them, CSU must ensure that they have the classes they need to graduate in a timely way—and have classes taught by talented and caring faculty who, as you, are committed to educating California.

The truth is that without more resources our University, our state, our students will pay the price.

He called on them to send an email letter to the legislature’s Conference Committee, to their representatives in the Legislature, and to their local newspapers, in support of funding the CSU.