Disaster relief for CFA members who suffer losses due to wildfires

CFA Members who have been affected by wildfires in California can seek help through relief funds set up by CFA affiliates—the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the California Teachers Association (CTA).

Members of both affiliates donate to Disaster Relief Funds that help other union members affected by fire, flood or earthquake.

SEIU union locals across the country are contributing to an SEIU Disaster Relief Fund to supplement insurance and government assistance for California members who face those “unusual costs which stretch our budgets during a natural disaster.”

A CFA member, because of our affiliation with SEIU, can request funds to help pay for temporary housing or to replace clothes, household goods, and tools, among many other disaster-related expenses.

CTA’s long-standing Disaster Relief Fund also is funded voluntarily by union members “to provide assistance with dignity.” CFA members can seek relief funds for significant hardships including disruption of utilities and displacement or damage to one’s home, among other catastrophic needs.

For assistance in applying for these funds, contact Maritza Lara, CFA Membership & Organizing Services Support Coordinator.