Equity Interrupted: Get the word to the world

Equity Interrupted, CFA’s new report on the CSU’s increasingly diverse student body timed with declining state funding, was the topic addressed by CFA VP-Affirmative Action Cecil Canton on “Beautiful Struggle” KPFK-FM (Jan. 24, 2017 at 20:31).

“Clearly, somewhere on the way, it was decided we can educate students on the cheap,” he said.

He said if state funding had kept pace since 1985, when the student body was two-thirds white, the CSU would have about $750 million more to educate students than it does now.

Canton explained “institutional racism,” which he said is not about overt acts of racism. It works in ways that treat some groups differently but “you can’t point to one person and say a particular person did it. You have to point to a system.”

To address it, he said, public leaders must make conscious decisions to change priorities, starting with increasing per-student funding, which has declined by $5000 in real dollars over the past 30 years.

CFA asks readers of CFA Headlines to contact the union with opportunities to publicize Equity Interrupted.

“It is only by bringing these things out into the open that we can come to grips with them and solve them,” Canton says.