Everything you need to know about Range Elevation

The CFA Lecturer’s Council web page has just been updated with Range Elevation resources to help Lecturers get the most out of the faculty contract.

Range Elevation is an area of the faculty’s contract that was much improved in the latest round of bargaining and it is worth the effort to learn about it.

Among other reasons, Range Elevation can get you a raise! But—it’s not automatic. You have to apply.

As explained on the site:

“Range Elevation is the formal process through which Lecturers and temporary Librarians can increase their salary by moving from one salary range to the next (e.g. Range A to B, B to C, or C to D).

“Thanks to agreements secured by CFA in 2016, more Lecturers and temporary Librarians will soon become eligible for Range Elevation.  These agreements that were won by CFA include expanded eligibility criteria for Range Elevation and a Salary Service Increase (SSI), to take effect in 2017.”

Each campus has its own application procedures, so check it soon to find out about deadlines and other requirements.