Faculty to CSU Board: Advocate for Funding the System Needs

CFA Associate Vice Presidents Meghan O’Donnell (Lecturers, North) and Chris Cox (Racial and Social Justice, North) addressed the CSU Board of Trustees Finance Committee Tuesday, urging the administration to join with CFA to advocate for a budget that will fund the CSU system’s real needs.  Last year, the Legislature passed and Governor signed a budget that exceeded the request that the Trustees submitted, largely thanks to the strong advocacy from the CSU’s constituent groups – faculty, students, and staff – who refuse to be silent about the budgetary challenges our university experiences.

Cox, a Lecturer in Sociology at San Jose State University, also reminded the Board that the CSU received $35 million this year for the explicit purpose of increasing tenure-track faculty hiring. “It’s critical that the CSU allocates funding where it’s been designated – in the classroom. CFA continues to monitor how our campuses are spending the additional resources we gained for them in the ways that the Legislature envisioned.”

CFA won this budget allocation, in spite of management objections, and will continue to advocate for targeted funding that can ensure the legislature is able to know the funds are spent as intended. This year, we will also continue to push for dedicated funding to hire more mental health counselors into tenure-track positions to address a mental health crisis that is growing across the system.

O’Donnell, Lecturer in Humanities and Communication at CSU Monterey Bay, voiced CFA’s continued opposition to any student tuition or fee increases.  “With a projected state budget surplus of over $7 billion and a hot economy, there is no reason to raise student costs. We will strongly oppose any efforts to increase student tuition or fees, now and in the future.”