Faculty meet with key legislators to discuss state funding for the CSU

Faculty discussed CFA’s position on how some of the proposed state funding for the CSU could be used to improve access for students and workload for faculty during meetings with key legislators at the Capitol on Tuesday.

CFA officers and members met with members of the Assembly and Senate budget subcommittees to discuss the union’s budget requests for the 2019-20 fiscal year, which include increasing student enrollment, more money for tenure track hiring, and funding to boost mental health counselor-to-student ratios at all CSU campuses.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed a $562 million increase to the CSU’s budget. Of that, $300 million would be new, ongoing funding, while the remaining $262 million would be one-time funding for programs. He also is proposing a tuition freeze for the CSU.

The unprecedented 8 percent proposed increase to the CSU’s yearly budget follows years of work by CFA and Students for Quality Education. For years, we fought for much-needed funding increases for the CSU. Now that the tide is beginning to turn, we must continue to advocate for that funding to be used in ways that truly will improve the People’s University and our ability to provide high-quality, affordable education to California’s students.

“It’s really important for lawmakers to talk to faculty about the issues that we are seeing every day on our campuses,” said Nicki Mehta, a Sacramento State Lecturer and CFA’s Membership & Organizing Chair. “These conversations make a difference when it’s time for legislators to make decisions about how much money the CSU should receive and how it should be allocated.

“Our political work is absolutely critical, and the Governor’s proposed budget this year proves that when we make our voices heard, we can make a difference.”

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