Faculty Reminder: CFA meetings on our contract underway

CFA chapters at Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Dominguez Hills held faculty meetings on their respective campuses last week to confer with CFA Officers and members of the CFA Bargaining Team on what comes next regarding the faculty contract.

Meetings are scheduled at many other campuses. Check here to view the dates & times on your campus

Please attend, bring your questions, get up to date, and learn what is coming next that can have an impact on our professions, our livelihoods, and our students.

Vivian Price, co-President of the Dominguez Hills CFA Chapter, said about the meeting at her campus, “People have ideas for bargaining. One topic is how to create pathways for Lecturers to be considered for tenure-track jobs. Our faculty also want to find more opportunities to get more research funds and assigned time for administrative work.”

After attending the CFA faculty meeting at Fresno, CFA Bargaining Team chair Kevin Wehr noted, “There is a good energy among the faculty in developing ideas for our next contract. And of course, faculty are enjoying the success we had last spring and the raises implemented this summer.”

PHOTO: San Francisco CFA Chapter President Sheila Tully welcomed faculty to the meeting on their campus. Photo by Kevin Felton.