Faculty Rights Tip: Administrative Coercion Is Against the Law!

Under HEERA, the labor relations act governing the CSU’s conduct with regard to faculty and other employees, the Chancellor, Trustees, and administrators are “prohibited from imposing reprisals on employees or discriminating against, or otherwise interfering with, restraining, or coercing employees because of their exercise of rights guaranteed” by HEERA including the right to bargain through impasse and take concerted action (i.e. strike).

When workers go on strike, employers and managers are notorious for interfering with unions and their members through intimidation and scare tactics.  We fully expect to see campus wide emails, written by the Chancellor but signed by local administrators, with subtle messages that are meant to interfere with our legal right to demand and fight for better salaries.

Administrators may try to appeal to members not to strike or inform department chairs (who are faculty and will go on strike like everyone else) that they have special duties that preclude striking.  Such conduct is coercive and unlawful under HEERA.

Please help and do your part.  Pledge to strike and get involved with your chapter’s efforts. 

Click here to find your campus CFA chapter web page
Once there click on “Strike Pledge”

Let us know right away when you think a campus administer is interfering with your rights or the rights of your colleagues.  We are prepared to file unfair labor practices against the Chancellor when he or his administrators violate the law. 

Contact legal and member advocates at strikequestions@calfac.org or your campus chapter Faculty Rights Rep