Faculty Rights Tip: Article 6 CFA’s Rights

Have you ever been concerned about whether it was okay to send CFA communications on e-mail or create CFA fliers for distribution? 

Has a colleague ever expressed concern that an administrator might somehow retaliate for their union activity? 

Article 6 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement assures CFA’s rights including, but not limited to the following:

  • The right to use campus e-mail and inter campus mail for CFA communications (although one should always use care and good judgment in using email for sensitive subjects);
  • Office space, access to phones and the internet for CFA business;
  • An adequate number of designated bulletin boards for posting CFA materials; and
  • A guaranteed pool of union leave for CFA faculty representatives.

And it specifically stipulates in Article 6:16 that, “A faculty unit employee shall not suffer reprisals for participation in CFA Activities.”

To learn more about CFA’s rights you can read all of Article 6 online.

If you have a faculty rights question, contact your campus CFA faculty rights representative

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If you have questions about faculty rights or would like to suggest a tip please write us with the subject line “Faculty Rights.”