Faculty Rights Tip: CSU Faculty now have the legal right to strike

In a previous faculty rights tip, we wrote about HEERA, the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act.

HEERA sets out the steps in our bargaining process—including the final step, Factfinding.

Now that the Factfinder’s report has been released, we have completed that final stage of bargaining as laid out in HEERA. 

Article 9 of our faculty contract, which prevents concerted actions like a strike, is now suspended and we can legally take such actions. We can legally strike.

You may remember from last week’s tip that it is illegal for any CSU administrator to pressure you to declare your plans for the strike. Suggesting that you should cross the picket line when the union has called for a strike illegally interferes with labor rights under HEERA.

If you think that any CSU administrator’s behavior is intended to interfere with faculty rights, coerce union members, or intimidate us, let CFA know right away. Our legal team can help. Contact strikequestions@calfac.org or your CFA campus chapter leaders.

Protect our legal right to strike.

If you’d like to learn more about HEERA or have a faculty rights questions, contact your campus CFA faculty rights representative

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