Faculty Rights Tip: The Fee Waiver Program

The CSU Faculty Fee Waiver program is a valuable benefit for faculty members, our spouses, domestic partners, or dependent children up to age 25. Article 26 of the contract articulates the details of the Fee Waiver Program.

The benefit is available to all tenured and probationary faculty and temporary faculty (excluding coaches) with three-year appointments.

In the last contract, we bargained to extend the benefit to long-term coaches. Coaches who have at least six (6) consecutive years of service qualify for the benefit.  

The benefit may be transferred to only one (1) spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child at a time, and there are specific fees that are excluded and included.

For more specific information you can read all of Article 26 or consult your campus benefits officer. 

The waiver may not be applied to self-support courses taught in extended education, and there are some limits for use in doctoral programs, which are set out in Article 26.

Members themselves can take a 
maximum of two (2) CSU courses or six (6) units, whichever is greater, on the CSU fee waiver program per semester/quarter.