Faculty Rights Tip: Flex Cash

Through the FlexCash Program (Article 32.13 in the Faculty Contract), faculty who waive CSU benefits because they have other non-CSU coverage can receive an additional $128 in compensation per month for waiving medical benefits, $12 for waiving dental coverage, and $140 for waiving both medical and dental benefits.

In order to participate, each employee must request participation and certify that s/he has alternate non-CSU insurance for the CSU insurance being waived.  

Due to changes in the law (the Affordable Care Act), beginning with the 2015/16 academic year, in order to receive flex cash for forgoing CalPERS medical coverage, you will have to have an alternate, non-CSU group medical plan. The IRS now prohibits an employer from providing flex cash to anyone who gives up an employer-sponsored health plan for an individual plan.

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