Faculty Rights Tip: How to Check Your Pay

As we complete year one of our new collective bargaining agreement many faculty have contacted CFA with questions about the accuracy of pay increases they may have received or felt they were supposed to receive.  

It’s important to first check with your campus payroll or faculty affairs offices for explanations or answers to questions concerning your salary. Article 31.3 of our contract states:

31.3  Bargaining unit employees shall receive written notification of all salary increases that occur during an academic year. The notification shall include the reason for the salary increase, the new rate of pay, and the effective date of the increase. 

If, after contacting your campus payroll or academic affairs office you still believe an error was made you should contact your CFA Faculty Rights Representative for advice and advocacy.

If you have questions, contact your campus CFA faculty rights representative. To ask questions or suggest a tip, please write us with subject line: Faculty Rights Tip.

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