Faculty Rights Tip: Intellectual Property Rights & Online Materials

Article 39 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers faculty intellectual property rights. The article assures that faculty retain the rights to materials they create unless there is extraordinary support and there is no agreement to the contrary. 

Our new contract expands the list of materials taking into account more contemporary and electronic works including those developed for online delivery. The list of protected materials in Article 39.3 includes, 

“… works that are used in connection with online or hybrid instruction, transmitted electronically, and/or stored on CSU or third party provided servers.”

It further stipulates that,

“… Unless there is a separate agreement to the contrary, consistent with this Article, neither the CSU nor third party providers are entitled to grant licenses or make assignments with respect to such materials to publishers and publishing agents, or any third party.”

As more course materials are delivered in a variety of online modes it’s important for faculty to know their intellectual property rights. If you have questions about faculty intellectual property rights contact your campus CFA faculty rights representative.

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