Faculty Rights Tip: Leaves at reduced pay will impact retirement

Articles 27 and 28 of our faculty contract provide for Sabbatical Leaves and Difference in Pay (DIP) leaves. These articles provide mechanisms for faculty to take leaves at full pay and reduced pay rates. When faculty take any leave at a reduced pay there will be an impact on retirement service credit. Sabbaticals at full pay do not result in reduced service credit.

It’s important to know that if you’ve been granted a DIP Leave or a Sabbatical Leave at a reduced salary you will not earn a full year of service credit during the period of the leave.  You should contact your campus payroll office to learn about how it may apply in your specific case.

Faculty who participate in DIP leaves or Sabbatical Leaves at reduced pay who wish to purchase additional service credit to make up any difference can contact CalPERS to learn more about the purchase of Service Credit.

If you have a question about Sabbatical Leaves or Difference in Pay Leaves contact your campus payroll office or your CFA Faculty Rights Representative.

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