Faculty Rights Tip: Lecturer Range Elevation (and 5% salary increase) and Campus Deadlines

With the beginning of a new academic term, it’s important for returning lecturers to know about the criteria and deadlines for applying for Range Elevation.

Range Elevation, refers to an increase in salary for faculty on temporary appointments by movement from one salary range to the next. Lecturers become eligible to apply for range elevation when they have at least five years of service in their current range and have no more eligibility for service salary increases (SSIs).  

A successful application for Range Elevation will mean a guaranteed raise to your base salary of at least five percent (5%). (See Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 31.6)

Campuses are required to notify Lecturers who are eligible to apply for a range elevation at least 30 days prior to the campus deadline for submitting the range elevation application (see CBA Article 12.18). The deadlines and criteria vary from campus to campus.

To apply for Range Elevation you need to review your campus range elevation policy and timelines and talk with your department chair and with other Lecturers to learn more about what is expected for a successful application.

To learn more you can contact your campus CFA Lecturer Representative or your CFA Faculty Rights Representative.

Browse the faculty contract.  See previous Faculty Rights Tips on a range of topics in our contract.

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