Faculty Rights Tip: Lecturer Reappointment & Careful Consideration

Through collective bargaining, Lecturers in the CSU have won the important right to periodic evaluations of their work and “careful consideration” for reappointment.

Under Article 12.7 of our collective bargaining agreement, a department (or equivalent unit) has the contractual obligation to give “careful consideration” to all Lecturers who apply for subsequent employment.

At a minimum, careful consideration means that the department must carefully review the information in a Lecturer’s personnel file, including student and peer evaluations, as well as the application, when considering them for reappointment. This review should go beyond mere formality, and the decision should not be capricious or arbitrary.

Over the years, CFA has won a number of important cases in this area, giving increased specificity to the relevant contract provisions. CFA has successfully argued that department and campus criteria and standards for the evaluation of Lecturers must comply with contract Article 15: Evaluation.

Because not all campus administrators and department chairs have a full awareness of their obligations with respect to careful consideration for reappointing Lecturers, it is important for Lecturers to take a proactive approach when seeking reappointment.  

Consider taking the following steps:

  • Meet with the department chair to discuss possible reappointment and suggest classes you can teach.
  • Request in writing a subsequent appointment and include a list of classes that you are qualified to teach.
  • Review department and campus guidelines for evaluation and appointment of Lecturers to make sure your department follows them in your case.

As in other areas of the contract, only more so because of the complexities involved with careful consideration, you should be vigilant. If you feel your rights have been violated, seek assistance from your campus CFA chapter’s Lecturer Representative, Faculty Rights Chair, or CFA staff representative as soon as possible.

For answers to questions or to suggest a tip, please write us with the subject line “Faculty Rights Tip.”

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