Faculty Rights Tip: New and Improved Faculty Hearing Manual!

Last month, CFA (along with CSU administrators), updated the Faculty Hearing Manual. This guide is meant to aid faculty when they engage the statutory hearing process set out in Article 10.11 et seq.

As you might know, faculty members who wish to pursue grievances against the administration may elect to use the “statutory” process rather than the more traditional, Union-directed grievance route. In doing so, faculty members (and others involved in the complaints) often need and seek guidance along the way.

We created the Hearing Manual to guide grievants, administrators, and hearing committee members as they work in the faculty-centered process. The manual contains an overview, a discussion of how to conduct a hearing, how to assess evidence, and how to write a recommendation to campus presidents. The manual addresses other aspects of statutory hearings as well.

For more about the basics of grievances, review the grievance filing guide.