Faculty Rights Tip: Personal Holiday

Did you know that every faculty employee is entitled to one Personal Holiday each year?

Article 33 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement says:

33.3 A faculty unit employee shall be entitled to a Personal Holiday, which may be taken on one (1) day during the calendar year. If the faculty unit employee fails to take the Personal Holiday before the end of the calendar year, the holiday shall be forfeited. CSU and CFA shall endeavor to inform a new faculty unit employee of his/her Personal Holiday. Scheduling of the Personal Holiday shall be by mutual agreement of the faculty unit employee and the appropriate administrator.

One way to use your Personal Holiday is to attend the April 4 #FreeTheCSU rally in Sacramento.

Be sure to get mutual agreement with the “appropriate administrator,” usually a department chair or dean, by stressing that this is about securing more funding for the CSU. Administrators and students are welcome to join us.

Want to learn more? Become active with your local CFA chapter faculty rights team. Find your representative here

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