Faculty Rights Tip: Proactive Reappointment Tip for Lecturers & other Faculty in temporary positions

At the end of the academic year, it’s important for Lecturers and temporary counselors, coaches, and librarians to let their department chairs or direct supervisors know that they are available for work in the coming term. While many may already know what to expect in Fall 2015, others may not.

We encourage members to be proactive. Contact whoever assigns courses and other work in your department or equivalent unit, and make a request in writing for work in the upcoming term.  

If you’re a Lecturer, be sure to include a list of courses that you are qualified to teach in your department. You may even want to set up a meeting to discuss your assignment for the next term.

If you have questions, contact your campus CFA faculty rights representative

To ask questions or suggest a tip, please write us with subject line: Faculty Rights Tip

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