Faculty Rights Tip: Range Elevation for Lecturers & Temporary Librarians, Fall 2017

Range Elevation is the formal process through which Lecturers and temporary Librarians can increase their salary by moving from one salary range to the next. Range Elevation is not automatic—if you are eligible, you need to apply by the deadlines set on your campus.

Until recently, Lecturers had to be in range for five years and at the SSI maximum in their range to be eligible to apply for Range Elevation. But, thanks to an agreement secured by CFA in 2016, more Lecturers and temporary Librarians are now eligible for Range Elevation even if they are not at the SSI maximum in their range.

Click here to find the SSI maximum in your current salary range.

This expansion of Range Elevation was won by CFA along with along with other Salary Increases that took and are taking effect this year. 

The CFA Lecturer’s Council web page has been updated with Range Elevation resources to help Lecturers and temporary Librarians get the most out of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

We encourage all eligible Lecturers and temporary Librarians to apply for Range Elevation. If you have questions about Range Elevation or have a faculty rights question to contact your faculty rights representative.

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