Faculty Rights Tip: Range Elevation Reminder

Please note: This Tip appeared in the PDF version of CFA Headlines last week, but not in the emailed version due to a technical problem. It is so important and timely we are re-running it to be sure eligible faculty see it.

Range elevation is the process through which eligible Lecturers and temporary Librarians can increase their salaries by moving from one salary range to the next.

Normally, eligibility requires five years of service in current range and no Service Salary Increase (SSI) eligibility. Thanks to CFA’s Bargaining Team, range elevation has been expanded so that long-term Lecturers, even if they have not maxed out SSIs, may be eligible too.

The administration must send you a notice so that you know that you are eligible to apply. But it is not automatic, as you must apply by the deadline set on your campus. Some deadlines are approaching very soon, and on some campuses the deadlines have passed. Check your local campus policy to find the deadline that applies on your campus.

If, for some reason, you are denied a range elevation there is a formal appeal process found in Article 12.20 of our collective bargaining agreement

The appeal process has very short timelines and involves a peer-review panel. We recommend that if you are denied and wish to appeal that decision, contact your CFA Chapter Faculty Rights Representative immediately for advice on your appeal.

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