Faculty Rights Tip: Reimbursement for Campus Counselor Licensing Fees

Article 25.5 of our Faculty Contract provides a way for Counselor Faculty to be reimbursed for all normal or customary credential or licensing fees that they need to maintain. It states:

25.5  With the prior approval of the President, Counselor Faculty Unit Employees who are required to maintain a license or credential as a condition of employment, shall be reimbursed for all normal and customary credential or licensing fees consistent with program needs. Any denial shall include a written explanation.

We encourage Counselor Faculty to seek approval from your local Campus President for reimbursement of any fees required for renewals of your professionally required licenses or credentials. If you are denied, we in CFA representation are interested in written explanation of denials, and will try to assist you in obtaining a better outcome.

If you’d like to learn more about Faculty Rights or have a faculty rights question, contact your campus CFA faculty rights representative. 

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