Faculty Rights Tip: Summertime work and pay raises

Q: How will the recently settled pay raises impact faculty who are teaching this summer?

A: It depends on what kind of work you do this summer and what classification codes are used.

If you are Academic Year faculty whose summer work falls under Article 21: Summer Term Employment, your summer pay will not be subject to the increases negotiated to begin on June 30 and July 1 because, as it says in the contract, that pay is determined by the previous year’s salary. (See contract Article sections 21.19 and 21.21 for the specific terms.)

Your work falls under Article 21 if you perform summer work under Classification Codes 2357 and 2347. Classifications are shown on your paystub.

Work performed under any other Classification Codes should be compensated with the pay increases included effective July 1 (with an additional ~0.1% for the compounding from the June 30 increase). This work is performed under non-Article 21 terms (for example, 12-month appointments).

If your work is not being compensated correctly, contact your campus CFA faculty rights representative immediately. 

For more information about the April 2016 Salary Settlement ratified by CFA and the CSU Board of Trustees, go to the Contract Page on the CFA web site.

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