Faculty Rights Tip: Threats to Faculty

Threats to faculty must be taken seriously.

While we often think of safety on the job being connected to environmental threats like poor air quality and other building hazards, they can also come directly from people in our campus communities. They come in many forms such as verbal threats, e-mails, anonymous notes, graffiti, voice messages, or threats on social media.

If you receive a threat in any form, whether anonymous or not, immediately contact your campus police department and the appropriate administrator, usually a dean or Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Get in touch with CFA too, as we want to ensure the safety of faculty under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Article 37 covers workplace safety.

Once such a complaint has been reported, the university must investigate the complained-of conditions as soon as possible and immediately communicate the results of its investigations. If necessary, the university must also explain the steps that will be taken to correct the conditions.

If you have a question about enforcing the health and safety provisions in our contract, you can contact your campus CFA faculty rights representative or your campus CFA Field Representative.

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