Faculty Rights Tip: United by Definition

In a previous faculty rights tip we mentioned Article 2: Definitions. Our Collective Bargaining Agreement is very specific about whom we are as faculty and it is very inclusive. The term “Faculty Unit Employee” unifies us all. 

2.13  Faculty Unit Employee—The term “faculty unit employee” or “employeeʺ as used in this Agreement refers to a bargaining unit member who is a fulltime faculty unit employee, parttime faculty unit employee, probationary faculty unit employee, tenured faculty unit employee, temporary faculty unit employee, coaching faculty unit employee, counselor faculty unit employee, faculty employee, librarian faculty unit employee, extension for credit faculty unit employee, or lecturer employee.

When the contract refers to “faculty unit employee” it applies to all of us. We are one united faculty and it is by definition.   

The definitions found in Article 2 are very important as we enforce our contractual rights for all.

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