Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: The 125 Percent Rule

When faculty are hired, they are often told that there are opportunities for additional employment in the summer or other “special sessions.” For many faculty, this additional employment is a critical part of their income.

Article 36 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement covers the rules for additional work and places a limitation on that “overage” to 25 percent of a full-time position.

Any additional work in the CSU is limited to 25 percent of a full-time position, so it is often called the “125 percent rule.”  

However, any summer trainings – related, for example, to transitioning courses to remote modalities in preparation for Fall 2020 – where you may be paid a stipend do not “count” as additional employment unless you are full-time over the summer (like 12-month employees). 

“Outside” employment is a separate topic, covered in Article 35, and one we’ll address in another faculty rights tip.

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