Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Article 34, Vacation for 10 and 12-Month Faculty

Article 34 of our faculty contract covers vacations. The Vacation Article only applies to faculty with 10 or 12-month appointments, and it does not apply to faculty on Academic Year appointments.  

Faculty who qualify under Article 34 earn two days of vacation for every qualifying month of service. Part-time faculty earn this same credit on a pro-rata basis.

Requests for scheduling vacation must be submitted in writing to the appropriate administrator at least 30 days in advance. The scheduling of vacation may accommodate the needs of the campus, however vacations must be scheduled by mutual agreement of the faculty member and appropriate administrator whenever possible.

After one year of service, faculty must take at least five days of vacation each calendar year or face forfeiture of vacation days if they exceed the maximum accrual.

Faculty who have worked for 10 years or less may accrue up to 40 days of vacation credit each year. Faculty who have worked for more than 10 years may accrue up to 55 days of vacation credit. 

If you have questions about vacation you can contact your CFA Faculty Rights Representative. You may also want to contact your academic personnel office to review your appointment and vacation accrual level.

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