Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Catastrophic Leave Program

The Catastrophic Leave Program was established through agreements between California State University management and various employee unions, including CFA.

The program allows CSU employees to voluntarily donate accrued sick and vacation leave to other CSU employees who are employed on the same campus and who have exhausted all of their leave due to a catastrophic illness or injury.

Catastrophic leave also applies to employees who have exhausted leave credits to care for family members who have suffered a catastrophic illness or injury. Presently, faculty members may donate sick or vacation leave credits to employees on other campuses if the recipient’s campus presidents agrees to receive the donation.

The provisions for faculty to apply for or to donate catastrophic leave are covered in Article 24.23 of our collective bargaining agreement.

If you think you may be eligible for the Catastrophic Leave Program or you wish to donate time to another employee you should contact your campus Human Resources department.