Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Emergency Leave

The Collective Bargaining Agreement provides for leave for faculty who need to take time off due to emergency situations. While several campuses closed operations in the past weeks, others stayed open. It’s important to know that regardless of your campus’s open/closed status, you’re entitled to paid leave if you need it.

Article 23.19 provides, “An emergency leave with pay may be granted to a faculty unit employee by the President in the event of a natural catastrophe or an emergency situation that places the health or safety of the faculty unit employee in jeopardy. The President may also grant emergency leave to faculty unit employees who require leave due to violent crimes, domestic violence, and/or sexual assault. Such leaves shall normally be of short duration.”

Additionally, CFA is negotiating with the Chancellor’s office on the topic of donated leave so that members can help out their colleagues who are unable to return to work due to natural disasters or state of emergency situations.

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