Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Extension For-Credit Employment (Article 40)

This weekly CFA Headlines feature offers a brief “Faculty Rights Tip” or short information piece about the faculty contract.

FACULTY RIGHTS TIP:  Extension For-Credit Employment

Article 40 of the faculty contract covers Extension For-Credit Employment. These are classes that are offered for university credit but not with state supported funds. The classes are offered through University Extension.

Not all provisions of the faculty contract apply to classes offered through University Extension. Article 40 specifically excludes 21 of the 40 articles in the collective bargaining agreement. For a list of those articles that do apply one may consult Article 40.5. 

If you have any questions about faculty rights in for-credit courses offered through University Extension, you should contact your campus CFA faculty rights representative. 

You can find your campus CFA Chapter Faculty Rights Representative here.

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