Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Faculty Rights in light of Trump immigration ban

The following is a statement regarding Faculty Rights by the California Faculty Association:

Last week, Trump enacted an immigration ban restricting people from seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) from entering the US. The ban applies even to people who live and work in the US, and as you know resulted in the detention and deportation of people around the country over the weekend.

Despite a federal court stay pending further review, many customs agents continue to enforce and act on Trump’s executive order(s).

CFA is opposed to this policy and is committed to protecting our members’ rights on the jobs and in their professions. 

If you or any faculty member you know is from one of the seven countries, you already know the best advice out there right now—do not leave the country and expect to return without facing deportation or detention.

The American Civil Liberties Union has dispatched lawyers to airports and made its attorneys available to assist people being detained. In California, there are Northern and Southern chapters with resources to fight this unconstitutional ban on Muslims in the guise of national security.

As union advocates, we are outraged that within a week of taking office, Trump would interfere with professionals and students around the country, preventing people from returning to their homes including educational and learning communities like the CSU.  This ban impacts our members’ ability to work and travel freely in pursuit of knowledge, teaching, and learning. 

CFA would like to be of assistance to all faculty in the CSU who might need help. If you are impacted by the Muslim ban, email us at facultyrights@calfac.org, and let us know how we can help. While we do not have immigration professionals on staff, we will help connect you to resources and advocates who can help you.

Through CFA membership, CFA members have the benefit of one-half hour consultations with attorneys who can advise and make referrals for specific legal issues.  Contact our Membership Department to access this member benefit.