Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: How often should part-time Lecturers be evaluated?

Article 15 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers the evaluation of all faculty. Articles 15.23 through 15.30 are provisions specifically covering the periodic evaluation of Lecturers. Although campus Lecturer evaluation policies may vary they must be in compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement which stipulates:

Part-time Lecturers appointed for one semester or two quarters or less may be evaluated at the discretion of the department chair, the appropriate administrator or the department. (15.25) If you are a Lecturer appointed for one semester or two quarters or less and the department does not plan to evaluate you, you may request an evaluation for your file.

Part-time Lecturers appointed for two (2) or more semesters or three (3) or more quarters, regardless of a break in service, shall be evaluated in accordance with the periodic evaluation procedure. (15.24) Typically this means they are evaluated once per academic year.

Part-time Lecturers with three-year appointments are required to be evaluated only once every three years but may be evaluated more frequently at their request or the request of the administration. (15.26)